Sunday, June 13, 2010

Elevator Keys

Miranda Kerr
Up = N
Down = P

Angela Merkel
Up = K
Down = L

Final Submission

My Crysis environment was based on Diamond Valley in Western Australia. I spent a great deal of time trying to get the textures, terrain and lighting perfect. I was annoyed at how the textures would only show if you’re close to them. But overall I’m pleased with how it turned out.

The Meeting place for Miranda Kerr and Angela Merkel is located on the valley floor by the river. Underneath Merkel's studio, it’s a quick elevator ride. The table and chairs are bold and empowering. Very much like a throne. The sharp angels and strong, straight and hard features match the personalities, ethics and personas of both Merkel and Kerr. The meeting area is located by the river, a very calm and peaceful place, where both clients can come together and collaborate on ideas and events. The meeting area evokes a conference with both clients, the furniture being very confrontational allowing both clients to converge and come together, suggesting there’s power in unions.

Miranda Kerr's studio is located on the lower side of the valley. Kerr is younger than Merkel, and also less powerful, in terms of position in society and being a politician, this being represented by Markel’s studio being higher than Kerr's. Her studio uses cantilevered elements. She can look outside to a fabulous view of the valley. The sun shines directly into her studio, allowing her warm, natural light. Being a model and a famous socialite, she needs a place where she can have style and come away from the media. The straight and bold walls and floors signify Kerr's power and strength to influence.

The bridge signifies power and the conjoining of entirely different themes and ideas. There are people with power and there are people without. And within the realm of power, some people have more and some have less. Angela Merkel is a chancellor, a person with the power to govern. What some would call real power. She is an elite and high up in parliament. Miranda Kerr on the other hand, has no such power of that kind, although she does have the power of popularity, fame and to influence. Myer seems to think so, as she is their spokesperson. But if you were to weigh them both up, Merkel has much more experience at life and knowledge and is more powerful than Kerr. But arguably, Kerr could have greater power to influence, as she can to get people to buy cloths and sell magazines. Markel’s studio is located at the higher side of the valley and Kerr's being on the lower side, representing their importance and power over one another. The bridge connects both studios over the valley, allowing both clients to cross and meet. The bridge also represents the coming together of different individuals. The spirals almost look like DNA helix. Just like us, our DNA came from our mother and father, creating us. Where as one spiral represents Kerr and the other, Merkel, combining to create a singular structure.

Angela Merkel is a German Chancellor, and a woman of power. She has worked up to a high position in parliament and has power over the people of Germany. Her studio is located on the higher side of the valley, at the top of the hill where she has a view over the entire valley. Representing her power in society and over her country. Being 56, her tastes and style is different to Miranda, but being a woman, she still wants some style. Her studio is bold and empowering, much like her. There are large open spaces allowing her to step out enjoy the beautiful view and become more in touch with her land.

Textures Used

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Week 4

Peer Reviews

Crysis Environment Draft

My crysis level wouldn't show textures unless you were close to it. I didn't know how to fix it and why it was happening. It was disappointing and made shots taken from a distance look plain and basic.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Week 3

36 Custom Textures

Draft Elevators

The elevators were used from the 'E' shape perspective series. Merkel's elevator (top) transports her from her studio to the meeting area below. Using the 'N' and 'P' key.
Taking Kerr's elevator (bottom), takes you diagonally across the valley to the meeting area. Kerr's studio is located on the opposite side of the valley and bridge.

Draft Dining Table & Meeting Area

The dining table design is a powerful and bold design. It's very simple but has a striking presence. I thought this was fitting as both Miranda Kerr and Angela Merkel are both powerful and Influential people who stand out and both have a striking presence in their profession.

Draft Bridge

The bridge is a link between Merkel and Kerr's studios. I wanted a minimalistic yet striking design that would match both clients and provide a link not only across the valley but would link aspects of Merkel and Kerr together.

Draft Crysis Valley

Sunday, May 16, 2010

week 2

18 Perspectives

Views From Elevators
I used the 'E' shape perspectives as my elevators.
As i rode the elevators, my perspectives changed on not only the landscape but my feeling of importance and power.

On the valley floor felt more insignificant than when i'm at the top of the elevator looking over the entire valley. On the ground i'm much closer with the elements. From the ground you can appreciate the little details like the trees, rocks, water and textures which you can't from above.

When on top of the elevator, you feel like a God. Being above the clouds and having rein over everything, overseeing everything and feeling like everything is under your control. Form above you really feel powerful. As with everything in life, the higher/ further you climb (metaphorically), the more power and greater your life becomes.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Week 1

Crysis Valley
Chosen Client: Miranda Kerr, Angela Merkel
Valley: Dimond Valley, WA, Australia

Photo by: Ken Duncan

Article MashUp
Beneath the glamorous exterior, a chancellor’s life isn't quite the fairytale existence. She has certainly impressed Germans, scoring approval ratings of 60% in the lead-up to the 27 September, 2009 election but she was blinded by Hollywood heart-throb Orlando Bloom, which over the past four years has had proved she could communicate in the world of sight and sound.

She was a tireless activist for racial and sexual equality. For the most part, her version of reality is a working whirlwind of six days and up to three countries a week, 50 weeks of the year. She once said, "I think God made woman foolish so that she might be a suitable companion to man." She had such left-leaning opinions that the dowdy image that supporters feared would stymie her progress to the top proved foolish.

Those surprised to discover her many dimensions underestimated her except some people of the Australian nation, Regardless of her efforts to embrace and steer Germany through some difficult times.

She is serious leader whom voters can trust and she proved how language could liberate the blind. She is a role model, she was our first star. And I am very grateful to her.

Miranda Kerr -
Miranda Kerr and her new baby - ‘’ - viewed 5thMay 2010

Angela Merkel -
Profile: Angela Merkel - ‘' - viewed 5thMay 2010

Hellen Keller -
The Time 100: Hellen Keller - ‘' - viewed 5thMay 2010


Miranda Kerr

Hellen Keller

Angela Merkel

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Google 3D Warehouse & File Front Links

Google 3D Warehouse:

File Front:

Final Crysis Model

The Clients Laboratories are located quite close together, although they are all different people with different views and theories and from different times, there are ideas and concepts that link them together, as seen through the Electroliquid Aggregation quote. Nicole Kuepper’s Libratory is located on the top level, Stephen Hawking’s is located on the middle floor and Charles Darwin’s is located on the first floor. With the meeting area located underneath, on the ground floor.

The meeting area has been placed underneath the laboratories, where they can come and share ideas, thoughts and theories. When finished they reside to their own laboratories.

Nicole Kuepper’s Libratory is placed on the top floor and designed for her solar research, with views and big open spaces she can work and develop her ideas and theories. Her placement on the highest floor represents her place in time and her mindset to do the undone.

Stephen Hawking’s Labratory is located on the middle floor, where he has full access to the sky and stars. Here he can continue to research and expand his knowledge of the universe. His placement on the second floor represents his place in time and his hunger to overcome obstacles.

Charles Darwin’s Labratory is located on the first floor, which is the closest to the ground than the other laboratories, for his study of evolution and species. Here he can survey the land from a suitable location, surveying different animals and species of vegetation.

From the Black Box exercise, I have learnt to experiment with lighting and shadows to give more to the structure its cast by. The different light, medium and dark textures emphasise the contrast between areas and ideas of the clients.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

36 Textures

Black Box - The Shaddow as Solid

This slide reinforces the concept of shadow becoming part of the solid its cast from. It has given me ideas on how to incorporate shadows in Crysis Sandbox to add to and complement the structure. The slide also shows how shadows can benefit a structure and a physical space. As in the slide, the objects are quite simple in terms of texture and shape, just like my axonometric designs. But as you can see, simple things can have striking impacts. I’m eager to apply shadows to my axonometric designs to achieve a spectacular structure and spaces within Crysis.

Monday, April 26, 2010

3 Parallel Projections

Combined axonometrics reduced to 9 intersecting rectangular prisims.
I have chosen to use the first design in Crysis.

Electroliquid Aggregation

The ability to adapt to change, it's just mind boggling when you step back and start to think about it. The fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment.

Charles Darwin

Stephen Hawking

Nicole Kuepper

Thursday, April 22, 2010