Friday, May 7, 2010

Week 1

Crysis Valley
Chosen Client: Miranda Kerr, Angela Merkel
Valley: Dimond Valley, WA, Australia

Photo by: Ken Duncan

Article MashUp
Beneath the glamorous exterior, a chancellor’s life isn't quite the fairytale existence. She has certainly impressed Germans, scoring approval ratings of 60% in the lead-up to the 27 September, 2009 election but she was blinded by Hollywood heart-throb Orlando Bloom, which over the past four years has had proved she could communicate in the world of sight and sound.

She was a tireless activist for racial and sexual equality. For the most part, her version of reality is a working whirlwind of six days and up to three countries a week, 50 weeks of the year. She once said, "I think God made woman foolish so that she might be a suitable companion to man." She had such left-leaning opinions that the dowdy image that supporters feared would stymie her progress to the top proved foolish.

Those surprised to discover her many dimensions underestimated her except some people of the Australian nation, Regardless of her efforts to embrace and steer Germany through some difficult times.

She is serious leader whom voters can trust and she proved how language could liberate the blind. She is a role model, she was our first star. And I am very grateful to her.

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Miranda Kerr

Hellen Keller

Angela Merkel

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