Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Week 3

36 Custom Textures

Draft Elevators

The elevators were used from the 'E' shape perspective series. Merkel's elevator (top) transports her from her studio to the meeting area below. Using the 'N' and 'P' key.
Taking Kerr's elevator (bottom), takes you diagonally across the valley to the meeting area. Kerr's studio is located on the opposite side of the valley and bridge.

Draft Dining Table & Meeting Area

The dining table design is a powerful and bold design. It's very simple but has a striking presence. I thought this was fitting as both Miranda Kerr and Angela Merkel are both powerful and Influential people who stand out and both have a striking presence in their profession.

Draft Bridge

The bridge is a link between Merkel and Kerr's studios. I wanted a minimalistic yet striking design that would match both clients and provide a link not only across the valley but would link aspects of Merkel and Kerr together.

Draft Crysis Valley

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